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Your Questions Answered
What is a Unique Visitor?
When a new visitor comes to your website, we cookie them to ensure that they will only count once against your traffic limits.
What if I go over my plan limits?
If you exceed your unique visitor count in a month we will send you a polite email requesting that you upgrade your plan. In the meantime, your site will stay safe.
Is there a minimum commitment?
Absolutely not, there’s no contract to sign and you can cancel anytime.
If my site is hacked, Defencely pays?
Yes, we are so confident that your site will never be hacked while using Defencely that we’ll pay for your subscription for an entire year.
How is Defencely different than other companies?
80% of the work involved in keeping a site safe involves security experts, while 20% involves automated scanning technologies. Most companies rely solely upon scanning technologies, whereas we give you both: real experts and top technologies working together to secure your site.
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