Terms Of Service
End User License Agreement
This End User License Agreement legally binds you to Defencely Terms & Conditions for service.
   1. By Visiting Defencely.Com
   2. By Visiting Defencely.Com Subpages
   3. By Using Defencely Services at any level of Subscription / Free Mode
   4. By Registering / Signing Up
*The Terms, "Us", "We" and "I" outline Defencely CEO, Its Lead Content Manager, Its CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Its Advisory Board Member and General Company Staff.
Right to Use, Access & Promote the Website:
Your entitlement to use this website's services is for:
   1. Your company's online security
   2. Your website's online security
   3. For lawful purposes
   4. For your client's web business' security
We guarentee a customer's website will not be compromised, or Defencely will give customer 1 year subscription at no cost if the fault lies with Defencely. We do not consider the following reasons as justification for "fault" if a customer's website is compromised = the reasons are stated in the Defencely Privacy Policy* Refer to

   1. Software Errors on Customer Side
   2. Server Related Issues on Web Hosting Company's Side
   3. Bottlenecking Issues
   4. Hardware Failure Issues
   5. Lack of timely communication and/or FTP access and permission to customer website access

Trojan, Spyware, Keylogger Attacks on Your PC, Laptop, PDA, Mac or any other Computing Device by Someone Else BEFORE you Logged on to Defencely.Com The above modes of service and terms are pursuant to malfunction of company's equipment, maintenance schedules and other "reasonable" factors as defined by the Indian Court of Law. Defencely reserves the right to discontinue, interrupt, suspend, or terminate its services without or with prior notice. If you are conflicting with, or not abiding by the Defencely Privacy Policy or the Defencely Terms of Use / Terms of Service. The company holds the right to terminate your account until further intimation from either side. A reason may or may not be given for doing so.
Terms of Use / Terms of Service Contract
By hitting the "I Agree" Button, or By Signing Up at Defencely Website either as a free or paid customer, you are agreeing to Defencely Terms of Use/ Terms of Service. The appended factors are essential to you for lawful purposes in future; pay close attention.
Your Authority & Identity is Pursuant to:
At the time of inputting your information, customer must submit the most current contact info or at least submit the most accurate contact info to your knowledge. As a customer, you agree to submitting your info in hardcopy, or electronic format for later reference / business partnership. At the same time, you agree NOT TO impersonate anyone in any way. You agree that you are not reselling our services without prior notification and you agree that you are not affiliated with any third party network without prior notification.
In addition, refer to Defencely Privacy Policy for further assistance. If you are representing someone, you are contacting us on the "behalf" of that person, organization or team. As a customer you are agreeing to HELP US VERIFY your company, organization, team, business or head's identity.
Prohibited / Terminated / Suspended / Banned Users:
Defencely customers are expected to honor the terms of use section. Ban, Suspension, Termination or Prohibition of services may result for customers accessing unauthorized services, accessing those areas of website that he/she is not permitted for, accessing via company's devices through remote channels or use of company's IP related info for personal and unannounced purpose.
Customers will not use the above information to saturate company's bandwidth and to aid/ abet anyone in an attempt to hack, crack or exploit our services. While a Defencely customer, you agree not to take part in storage of Defencely website content, transmission of Defencely content for submitting proposals to others without prior notification or use of company's resource for unlawful purposes
The customer will contact Defencely directly in case any confusion arises. The customer will also contact Defencely directly in case he/she notices violation of our Terms of Use/ Privacy Policy.
Code of Conduct:
Customer is expected to abide by our Code of Conduct to the following practices:
   1. Violation of Company Contract is Not Allowed
   2. Slander / Libel
   3. Unlawful Distribution/ Use of Defencely Content and Services
   4. Link Farming
   5. Invasive Tactics that May Jeopardize Defencely Services for Other Customers
   6. Advocates or Solicits Pornographic Behavior
   7. Advocates or Solicits Unauthorized Commercial Communication
Side Note On Communication:
Customer / Online visitor to Defencely will not use email based communication to conceal ill intents, such as, but not limited to, Trojan horse injection at Defencely website, web pages, web servers, XSS attacks against Defencely, any other cyber attacks against Defencely, ill intent to extract directory structure contents and vice versa.
Your Security:
Do not allow others to access your Defencely user account and do not create an account for someone else. At the same time, do not leave your account at Defencely logged in. This is to prevent any kind of cookie based attack on your side. Also, failing to revoke access for those who are no longer authorized/ permitted by Defencely for its service use.
Defencely will provide you support under the agreement of terms stated above this paragraph. The contents of this page, as mentioned earlier, are subject to change without prior notice. Defencely will provide you help/ technical support through direct email conversation, as per the email ID designated by you, your phone number(s), your fax number or any other mode of communication that you chose. If you require additional/ in depth, prolong customer support, we will be asking you for extra payment as deemed fit.
Defencely Does NOT Guarantee the Following:
DEFENCELY SECURITY SERVICES ARE PROVIDED ON "AS IS, AS AVAILABLE" BASIS WITHOUT 100% GUARANTEES. Customer is expected to comprehend that security, whether it is online or offline, is a subject of sensitive nature. Use of our services is at your own risk.
During emergencies, natural disasters, or turbulent circumstances as per the state of general security on the internet, Defencely does not guarantee that the services will be always available, that the services will always be error free, or that services will be "up to date"
Side Note on Up to Date Services:
Millions of security threats are discovered daily. Up to Date definition refers to the current degree of knowledge, awareness and knowhow of Defencely CTOs.
Copyrighted Content and Intellectual Property:
Unless and until authorized in hand written, via electronic email or any other channel of communication, Defencely does not permit its content to be used in any way or in any form. This includes copy pasting Defencely content and "rehashing / rewording" it as your own. Unless indicated, otherwise all the content, including images at Defencely website is considered property of our company. The company policy does not allow, without prior permission, the following:
   1. Downloading of content
   2. Downloading of Defencely images
   3. Downloading/ printing Defencely documentation
   4. Distribution of Defencely documentation or content
   5. Modification to Defencely without prior notices
   6. Obscurity of trademark and company intellectual property
"Content" at Defencely represent written, video, image and audio based material that intruders are planning to confiscate in any way or form.
Right to Display Defencely Images:
Defencely seal of trust and images (banners etc.) are allowed to be displayed on your website or web portal. For that, however, permission has to be granted by Defencely CEO or any one of the company representatives. According to Defencely partners program, you can use Defencely banner to display at your website if in case you own a website. Under other circumstances, you can display Defencely logo, Defencely seal of trust or Defencely visual content at your company's page, in printed form or in any other form WHILE making mention of Defencely Online Security.
Using Defencely Interactive Services:
Use of Defencely interactive services is pursuant to submission of registration forms, logging in to your personal Defencely account, sharing of FTP information with Defencely reps and then using it for access, use of generally available Defencely products and software packages. These interactive services are not to be resold, distributed or affiliated with any outside party other than you and the concerned authorities at Defencely. If you are looking to promote Defencely services, a contract agreement will be in order, alongside written or electronic mail based permission. Defencely is not responsible for any consequences that you may experience due to misuse of company's services.
Secrecy and Confidentiality:
Refer to the "Cookie" and "How we Use Your Information" section in the Defencely Privacy Policy. In addition to the terms discussed over there, the following terms are considered part of your right to maintaining confidentiality:
   1. You agree to honor confidentiality agreement as long as you will be using Defencely services, and after        their termination.
   2. You agree not to share your username, password, Defencely account info, Defencely profile info, Defencely        banking information, your banking information, your credit card numbers and etc. with third party other        than official Defencely reps.
   3. You agree that CONFIDENTIAL information is all the non public information that only you and Defencely reps        are entitled to gain access to.
   4. You agree not to access unauthorized Defencely services or web pages.
Furthermore, Defencely related confidentiality is defined by, but not limited to the following factors: (a) Technical Data, (b) Technical Know How, (c) Discovery of Information, (d) Ideas, (e) Inventions, (f) Concepts, (g) Flow Charts, (h) Software Services, (i) Security Modules, (j) Equipment, (k) Defencely Employee Contact Info, (l) Defencely Main Team Members Contact Info, (m) Drawings, (n) Schemas, (o) Costs, (p) Future Project Related Info, (q) Business Strategies as Discussed with You, (r) Business Plans as Discussed with You, (s) Future Projects and Considerations, (t) Defencely Associates Related Info.
As a Defencely customer, or a registered member, whether you are using free or paid services, you are not allowed to share your secret question. This information is also considered confidential according to the definition of "reasonable" confidentiality.
Defencely Confidential Info under this section does not apply to the following terms and information, which:
   • Becomes publicly known or accessed to as part of failure on behalf of the receiving party
   • You are the receiving party and if the information gets leaked at your end, it is considered failure to       maintaining confidentiality. At the time of sending such "info", Defencely made sure it was fully kept secret       until received by you.
   • Became rightfully known to proprietary party no consent of either Defencely, you, or both parties mutually.
   • Is required to be disclosed to Indian Court of Law
   • Is Required by law making authorities outside of India for criminal investigation purposes
Changes to Terms of Use/ Terms of Services:
To refine overall customer experience, you are always welcome to directly contact Defencely CEO at hi@Defencely.com. Defencely holds the right to change the terms of services as discussed here with or without prior notice. To best ensure your relationship with Defencely, keep a copy of the terms of use/ terms of service documentation and keep checking in on this page regularly. The company maintains the right to update this page anytime, give its:
   1. Relationship with associates
   2. Relationship with future business partners
   3. Acquisition if Defencely acquires other company, or other company acquires Defencely
   4. Unpredictable state of online security in a "reasonable" sense.
Feel free to give us a call at 866-502-5479, or email at hi@Defencely.Com if anything is not clear or for general queries pertaining to Defencely Terms of Use, Defencely Privacy Policies, or Defencely Services.
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